Fantasy League Update

I received an appeal from a reader regarding the Fantasy-League scoring in Mark Jefferson v. Dane County, Wisconsin.  In a nutshell, his protest contended that Husch Blackwell and Stafford Rosenbaum each won an issue and lost an issue—and that, on the “more important issue,” Husch Blackwell lost.   

So, I asked two appellate lawyers (with no connection to the case) to have a look at the decision with a focus on the question of whether it favored Husch or Stafford.  They agreed that the available information made it difficult to respond confidently—with one preferring not to name a “victor” and the other leaning toward Husch.  Thus, Husch will receive 8 points and Stafford 7—with the standings adjusted accordingly.

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Alan Ball is a Professor of History at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.

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