The 2021-22 Fantasy League Medalists

This season the Competition Committee sought to provide stiffer opposition for the Gavels, perennial champions from the State Public Defender’s Office, by disbanding one of the other teams and distributing its members among the other three contenders.  The results are now in, and they mark the end of the Gavels’ domination that extended back to the inaugural season in 2015-16.  Although the Gavels acquitted themselves well in 2021-22—surpassing their average point total for the previous six seasons—they could not threaten this year’s new powerhouse, the Waivers, whose total of 145 points exceeded by 50 the highest mark ever posted by the Gavels.

Last month’s awards banquet honored not only the Waivers but also several individual firms that appeared regularly in the season’s weekly highlights.  Brightest among these stars were a group of five that each scored at least 30 points, led by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty with 49 points and joined by Troutman Pepper (33), Stafford Rosenbaum (32), Boardman & Clark (31), and Pines Bach (30).

The following table provides totals for each team and every individual law firm.

Reversing the Court of Appeals, 2020-21 and 2021-22

A reader, who prefers anonymity, inquired recently about reversal rates for court of appeals judges.  His interest extended beyond summary figures from the four court of appeals districts, he explained, for he was curious to learn how frequently the supreme court affirmed or reversed individual judges.  While the court’s website does provide some information for the districts, I am not aware of reports on how the supreme court appraised the votes of each judge separately.  So, let’s find out.[Continue Reading…]

Wisconsin Supreme Court Statistics, 2021-22

These tables are derived from information contained in 52 Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions filed between September 1, 2021, and the end of the court’s term in the summer of 2022.  The total of 52 decisions omits orders pertaining to various motions, … [Continue reading]

The 2021-22 Term: Some More Impressions

Today we’ll continue our assessment of the 2021-22 term with summaries of the outcomes in four areas of interest: (1) the length of decisions; (2) the number of concurrences and dissents; (3) the number of days between oral argument and decision … [Continue reading]

Are the Justices “liberals” and “conservatives”?

Yesterday’s post prompted an eminent Wisconsin attorney to contact me with an objection to the use of the terms “liberal” and “conservative” to characterize justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  Here are the portions of his argument that I can … [Continue reading]

The Supreme Court’s 2021-22 Term: Some Initial Impressions

With the final substantive decision of the term now published, we can begin our annual statistical assessment of the justices’ labors.  Today we’ll focus on the number of decisions, the issue of polarization, and Justice Hagedorn’s sway—and then take … [Continue reading]

Law Firm Fantasy League

The past few days delivered more points to the league than any previous week of season.  Leading the way were the Writs with 27 points, followed by the Waivers (20 points), the Gavels of the State Public Defender’s Office (15 points), and the … [Continue reading]

The End is Near?

Although the court’s term is said to end on June 30, decisions commonly trickle (and sometimes pour) out well into July.  Two readers, wondering if their cases still have a chance to be decided this term, have asked how frequently the court has filed … [Continue reading]

Law Firm Fantasy League

This week’s flurry of decisions nourished all four teams, led by the Waivers with 18 points from Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren (for a brief and favorable outcome in Friends of the Black River Forest v. DNR and a brief, oral argument, and favorable … [Continue reading]

Law Firm Fantasy League

This week’s decisions rewarded the Affirmed with 10 points—five from O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong & Laing for a brief and oral argument in Great Lakes Excavating, Inc. v. Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. and five from Foley & Lardner for a brief … [Continue reading]