The Eternal Gavels

Each year, after the Gavels of the State Public Defender’s Office have won another Fantasy League title, the Competition Committee approves measures to strengthen the other teams.  Thus, for the 2019-20 season, the four challengers were allowed to add another law firm to their rosters, thereby creating the most formidable set of challengers ever faced by the defending champion.  Or so it seemed—until the Gavels torched all their opponents before the arrival of spring and cruised to their fifth consecutive title.  In their most dominant performance yet, they led from wire to wire and won by the largest margin in the league’s history. 

Unlike their recent practice, the Gavels did not depend on a handful of superstars in 2019-20.  Instead, they dazzled the league with their depth, receiving at least five points—but not more than ten—from eleven different attorneys.  All of the other teams could boast one or two impressive individual showings, but they did not have enough strength up and down their rosters to stay with the Gavels.

Along with honoring the Gavels, last week’s awards banquet also saluted the top scorers from the other teams—spotlighting some exceptional accomplishments: Husch Blackwell (25 points for the Waivers); Pines Bach (17 points for the Writs); Godfrey & Kahn (16 points for the Citations); and Axley Brynelson and Stafford Rosenbaum (each with 11 points for the Affirmed).

The following table provides the final totals for each team and every individual law firm.

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