Law Firm Fantasy League

Four of the league’s five teams collected points from this week’s decision in Wisconsin Legislature v. Andrea Palm—with the Waivers leading the way, thanks to eight points from Husch Blackwell (brief and favorable outcome) and one point each from Hawks Quindel and Boardman & Clark (amicus briefs). Next came the Writs, with amicus briefs from Legal Action of Wisconsin, Pines Bach, and Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty earning the team its first three points of the season. Godfrey & Kahn and Stafford Rosenbaum also contributed to the barrage of amicus briefs, thereby delivering one point each to their teams—the Citations and the Affirmed, respectively.

When the dust settled, the Waivers had jumped into a second-place tie with the Affirmed, and they are poised to collect as many as 10 more points in a decision scheduled for release on Tuesday.

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