Fantasy League Update

The 2019-20 Fantasy League season began with the defending-champion Gavels of the State Public Defender’s Office seemingly bent on dispelling rumors that success had cultivated dissipation in their ranks. With a shock-and-awe opening, they netted a total of 20 points for briefs and oral arguments in State v. Anderson, State v. Lopez (consolidated with State v. Rodriguez), State v. Pope, and State v. Coffee. No previous season has witnessed such a scoring barrage at the outset.

However, the Waivers weathered this initial onslaught with an impressive display of their own, posting 10 points from von Briesen & Roper (for a brief, oral argument, and favorable outcome in Lamar Central Outdoor v. Division of Hearings & Appeals) and 5 points from Husch Blackwell (for a brief and oral argument in Hinrichs v. DOW Chemical Company). These early results suggest that the Waivers’ offseason acquisition of Husch Blackwell was indeed masterful and may well enable them to keep pace with the Gavels in the months to come.

Among the other teams, only the Citations stuck a toe in the water on opening day, picking up a point from the Frank J. Remington Center for an amicus brief in State v. Roberson.

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