Fantasy League Update

For months, fans of the Writs have been waiting for the preseason acquisition of the Wisconsin Institute For Law & Liberty (WILL) to justify the steep price (two law firms from the team’s 2017-18 roster), and this week that trade finally bore fruit. The Writs jumped all the way into second place with 16 points from Kristi Koschkee v. Carolyn Stanford Taylor  (10 points from WILL for a brief, oral argument, and favorable outcome; and six points from Pines Bach for a brief and oral argument, and an amicus brief).

The Affirmed was the only other team to join the scoring, with a point from Stafford Rosenbaum for an amicus oral argument in the same case.

Click here for the complete, updated standings.

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Alan Ball is a Professor of History at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.

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