Fantasy League Update

Last week’s supreme court decisions brought points to every team in the league—except for the Gavels of the State Public Defender’s Office, which cost them their position at the top of the standings.  Indeed, two teams overtook the Gavels, who, as three-time defending champions, have not been accustomed to gazing up from the vantage point of third place.

On the strength of 10 points from Michael Best & Friedrich (for a brief, oral argument, and favorable outcome in Koss Corporation v. Park Bank), the Writs vaulted into first place. However, the Citations made the biggest jump—from last place into second—powered by O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong & Laing (10 points for a brief, oral argument, and favorable outcome in Koss Corporation) and Piper, Schmidt & Wirth (5 points for a brief and oral argument in Stuart White v. City of Watertown).

Rounding out the scoring, the Affirmed gained three points from Gass Weber Mullins (for a brief but no oral argument in Koss Corporation), while the Waivers added a point tallied by Boardman & Clark (for an amicus brief in Koss Corporation).

Click here for the updated standings.

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Alan Ball is a Professor of History at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.

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