Fantasy League Update–and Conclusion

With the release of the Supreme Court’s last substantive decisions of the term, we’ve reached the final reckoning of the 2016-17 fantasy-league season.  The Affirmed picked up 10 points from this concluding batch of rulings—5 points from Kasdorf Lewis & Swietlik and 5 points from Axley Brynelson (for their briefs and oral arguments in Milewski v. Town of Dover)—bringing the Affirmed’s total for the season to 65. 

This is 20 points more than was required to win the league title a year ago and underscores the potency of the roster fielded by the Affirmed in 2016-17.  For over three months, deep into April, they remained atop the standings.  However, the Gavels of the Public Defender’s Office began chipping away at their lead and finally nosed ahead of the Affirmed as the calendar turned to May.  Throughout the next several weeks, the lead changed hands repeatedly between these two rivals before the Gavels dropped the hammer (as they like to say) in mid-June.  During a single week they collected a stunning 32 points and never looked back as they coasted to the wire.  The 6 points that they added from the July decisions (5 points for a brief and oral argument in State v. Asboth and 1 point for an amicus brief in State v. Floyd) pushed their season’s total to 82—far more than needed to defend their title.

Final standings

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