Fantasy League Honors its Stars

The filing of the supreme court’s last substantive decisions a week ago brought the 2015-16 term to an end and thus served as the final whistle in the fantasy league’s inaugural season—a spectacle of spirited competition in which the Gavels of the State Public Defender’s Office did not secure their victory until the last flurry of decisions released by the court.  The Gavels were led by attorneys Kaitlin Lamb and Catherine Malchow, whose performances accounted for nearly half of their team’s 45 points.

Several law firms from other teams also distinguished themselves, and if you were unable to attend last Saturday’s awards banquet, you may be interested to learn the final results for the Gavels’ competitors.

Awards banquet table of teams, firms, and points

At its winter meeting, the Selection Committee will begin filling out the rosters for next season’s teams.  Committee members will study how frequently individual law firms have appeared before the supreme court over the past few years and decide on that basis which participants from 2015-16 have been sufficiently active to retain roster spots in 2016-17—and which firms will be relegated, thereby making room for more active newcomers deserving an opportunity to showcase their vigor.

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