The 2023-24 Fantasy League Season Preview

After last season’s thrilling duel between the Writs and the Gavels, the league saw no need to address competitive balance during its autumn meeting.  Instead, the Competition Committee focused its attention on identifying firms least active at the supreme court over the past three seasons and relegated them to the Developmental League.  Their roster spots have been assigned to six newcomers, and fans will doubtless enjoy seeing which firms among them make the most of this opportunity.

As in past seasons, scoring summaries will be posted here later this month, with weekly updates following until the season concludes in July.  Meanwhile, click on the corresponding link to view the full team rosters of competing law firms.

About Alan Ball

Alan Ball is a Professor of History at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.

SCOWstats offers numerical analysis of the voting by Wisconsin Supreme Court justices on diverse issues over the past 95 years.

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