Law Firm Fantasy League

This week’s flurry of decisions nourished all four teams, led by the Waivers with 18 points from Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren (for a brief and favorable outcome in Friends of the Black River Forest v. DNR and a brief, oral argument, and favorable outcome in Wisconsin Property Tax Consultants, Inc. v. Wisconsin Department of Revenue) and one point from Hawks Quindel (for an amicus brief in Joshua L. Kaul v. Frederick Prehn). 

Next came the Gavels of the State Public Defender’s Office with 10 points (for briefs and oral arguments in State v. X.S. and State v. Richard Michael Arrington), followed by the Writs with seven points (for a brief and oral argument from Pines Bach in Friends of the Black River Forest, an amicus brief from Pines Bach in Kaul, and an amicus brief from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty in Wisconsin Property Tax Consultants).  Even the Affirmed appeared on the score card with a point from Stafford Rosenbaum for an amicus brief in Kaul.

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