Fantasy League Update

As one would expect, the host of cases decided this week provided scoring opportunities for several players.  The Affirmed gained the most ground, with 5 points from Foley & Lardner (brief and oral argument in Winebow, Inc. v. Capitol-Husting Co., Inc.), 5 points from Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (brief and oral argument in Voters with Facts v. City of Eau Claire), and 3 points from Stafford Rosenbaum (a brief in Golden Sands Dairy LLC v. Town of Saratoga).

Nearly as impressive were the Writs, who picked up a full 10 points from Michael Best & Friedrich (brief, oral argument and favorable result in Golden Sands) along with a point from Pines Bach for an amicus brief in Golden Sands.  The Waivers matched this total by adding the 10-point maximum from Quarles & Brady (brief, oral argument, and favorable result in Winebow) and another point from von Briesen & Roper for an amicus brief in Golden Sands.

Click here for the current standings.

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