Fantasy League Update

Teams collected points from three of the decisions released yesterday and today— Lands’ End, Inc. v. City of Dodgeville; State v. Timothy L. Finley; and Aman Singh v. Paul Kemper—resulting in a dramatic change in the standings.

The Affirmed tallied 20 points—10 from Stafford Rosenbaum (a brief, oral argument, and favorable outcome in Lands’ End) and 10 from Foley & Lardner (a brief, oral argument, and favorable outcome in Singh)—the largest gain of any team this season and enough to jump all the way from the cellar into second place.  In fact, had the State Public Defender’s Office not answered in Finley (10 points for a brief, oral argument, and favorable outcome), the Affirmed would have taken over first place.  The Citations completed the scoring—5 points from DeWitt Ross & Stevens for a brief and oral argument in Lands’ End—not enough to hold off the Affirmed, but sufficient to move past the idle Waivers into third place.

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