Fantasy League Update

Two of the three decisions released today affected the league’s standings.  Riding the performance of Nash, Spindler, Grimstad & McCracken in John Doe 56 v. Mayo Clinic Health System – Eau Claire Clinic (a brief and a favorable outcome, but no oral argument), the Writs picked up 8 points—their first of the season.

However, the Affirmed emerged as the big winner, scoring a total of 16 points in two cases.  Conway, Olejniczak & Jerry earned 6 points in Prince Corporation v. James N. Vandenberg (a brief, an oral argument, and a decision that was partly favorable and partly unfavorable), while Axley Brynelson contributed the 10-point maximum in John Doe 56 (a brief, an oral argument, and a favorable outcome).

As a result of today’s activity, the Affirmed vaulted into contention—tied with the Waivers just one point back of the Citations and only eight points behind the league-leading Gavels.

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